With property investment being considered by many as a reliable investment vehicle we actively invest throughout Scotland for ourselves and on behalf of existing clients.

From identifying, acquiring and developing projects we have successfully completed a range of opportunities from residential refurbishments, conversions and new build development. Providing experience to our stakeholders in overseeing and managing projects and importantly identifying those offering strong yield potential is key to the success of any project.

With two decades of proven experience in this sector we understand many of the complex pitfalls and issues associated with investing and developing within the property industry.


With the ever-changing needs in our domestic housing market our fundamental aim is to ensure our properties and developments remain compliant with statutory legislation meeting our buyers and tenant’s requirements.


In today’s changing environment property can be seen by many as a secure investment. Identifying the market opportunities lies at the forefront of our business objectives.


Working with our network of investors ensures confidence in the deliverability of service putting the heart of the deal at the centre of our relationships.


Not everything is black and white. Opportunities come in all shapes and sizes. Our creativity compliments much of what we do as a business ensuring nothing  is discounted or questions left unanswered.

Trusting Partnerships

Working with our investors relationships form the linchpin to our future presenting both rewarding challenges and bringing new and existing relationships to our business..

With our portfolio of properties we are always striving for quality of service delivered and continually looking to grow our property network within the UK. Quality and affordability remain our key focus.

Property Team

With the challenges faced by any market having the right team who understands property investing remains fundamental to its success. Professional performance and delivery of positive results go hand and hand with maximum value.

Leverage of both knowledge and finance is key to the right outcome and can make the difference between a strong and week partnership.

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77 Renfrew Street,

Glasgow  G2 3BZ